[Follow up] 10 More Personal Branding Tips

brandingHere are the top 10 Personal Branding Tips Found on the Internet Personal branding is becoming one of the most important topics among designers and entrepreneurs. By having a strong and well-known personal brand it is much easier to sell products, win friends and influence people. If you want to start shaping your personal brand […]

A Beginners Guide to Motorsports Marketing >> Building Your Brand

brandingBuilding Your Brand Strategy Before you can start crafting content, designing race graphics, ordering T-Shirts, Hero Cards, a custom race suit or helmet you have to start first by Defining your Brand.  Building a Brand for your Driver early in their career is essential if their long-term career goal is to become a Motorsports Professional […]

FREE Workshop on Feb 14th: “How to Market Your Driver”

Tips imageHow to Market your Driver to reach your Goals and attain their Dreams Blogs – “yuck!” ~ Websites – “I don’t know how” ~ Social Media Pages – “why bother?” You’ve picked a sport where long-term success is not measured by the number of trophies or checkered flags you amass, but actually can largely rely […]

The Beginners Guide to Getting Sponsors

Getting team sponsorsIn my 20 years of karting I have learned a thing or two about being as Sponsor and taking care of Sponsors.  I’ve also learned a lot of those lessons the hard way – yep, good old fashioned “live and learn”.  So I wanted to put together a workshop (and future webinars) for my KAM […]

Look at this -Idea – Custom Halloween themed Thank You Card From Driver

Customize a cardShutterfly is great and now they have this “treat by Shutterfly” Bogo deal! From their website you can create your custom Sponsor Thank You Card and the best part – you only have to order 1 Card if that’s all you need.  But make sure you use promo code “TRTBOGO” and get one FREE.  Okay […]

Thank your Sponsors!

Thank your SponsorsSupporting Sponsors is crucial if you want to keep them! I’m trying to find unique ways to show our appreciation to our series sponsors – that’s why Craig took the “Class Pictures” for me on Saturday – and thought it would be nice if the drivers sent “Thank You” cards to their Class Sponsor as […]