10th Annual Short Track Shootout Driver List

Driver's NameKart NumberClass


  1. Can someone tell me if there is a place that sells go-karts? We just moved to decatur and anxious to buy a two seater for fun not for racing. 😬

  2. Will you add Wyatt Richeson #73 to pure stock?

  3. What is the payout and how far back

  4. Just added Outlaw 125 Class to the registration form! Also added Perry Cummings, Michael Buck, & Marc Velasquez to the list of Drivers attending.

  5. Just added Landon Ellis, Carson & Colby Horn, and Jett Hays to the list. We already have 7 Open Outlaws – that will be one heck of a great race with these drivers!! Who else is coming?

  6. If you add the 125 Outlaws I’d register. Get a better turn out if you did.

  7. If you are not on the list but plan to race – just message me here and let me know driver’s name, kart number and class and I will add them to the list!!! Thanks everyone for the support. This is our big show that starts our season off at KAM and with a bad winter series (lots of rain outs) we could use a big kart kart!! Shooting for 100 entries to break our record!! So come one racers – sign up and we’ll see you at the races.

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