Rules Section | Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Sportsmanlike Conduct is expected from every participant that enters our facility.  The spirit and intent of sportsmanlike racing competition is to proceed on the track without touching or endangering your fellow drivers, on-track race officials, spectators and/or the race vehicle itself. Inadvertent contact is a reality of racing; however, if in the judgment of the race officials, a participant is bumping, crowding, chopping, blocking, pushing, or driving in an over aggressive – negligent – reckless manner, that participant shall be subject to immediate disqualification from the event and possible suspension from the track.

Communication between Competitor/Crew/Spectator and the Track Officials and other Drivers. All concerns, protests or disputes from drivers, crew, parents/guardians or kart owners will be taken to the Race Director via the Grid Steward. If other officials are to be a party in resolving disputes, it will be at the sole discretion of the Race Director.  Any inappropriate actions directed by parities representing a competitor (including the driver) may subject the driver to disciplinary action. Any and all communication will be in a normal voice and manner and free from profanity or you will be subject to expulsion, suspension and/or driver points penalties.

Unsportsmanlike and Disorderly Conduct will not be tolerated.  Rough driving will not be tolerated and you will be subject to a black flag, and sent to your pit.

No Fighting or Profanity! This will result in serious penalties taken against the offending party and subjects your driver to disqualification.

Any conduct by children, parents, pit crews, etc. towards another child, parent, pit crew, etc. deemed inappropriate will may result in disqualified for that race program and/or the remainder of the season/series if deemed appropriate.  This includes going to another competitor’s pit area in an aggressive or verbally abusive manner.

Intentionally not complying with race officials instructions will subject you to being asked to leave the track, loss of points, and/or other measures deemed appropriate.

No Alcohol is allowed to be consumed during the race program.  It is allowed after ALL THE RACES HAVE COMPLETED THEIR FEATURE RACE.

Do Not Approach the Score/Flag Stand to argue, yell at or in any other aggressive manner, nor is anyone to enter the track to confront/argue track officials.  This is a serious violation of the spirit and intent of Sportsmanlike Conduct and competition.  Such conduct can (and has) created unsafe race conditions for our KAM drivers, of which 75% are youth drivers.   If someone is overly aggressive and refuses to stop or leave the area, the race officials may have no choice but to stop the race program until the conditions are once again safe for all our drivers.  This type of conduct is not acceptable at any level, especially at a Youth Sports event!

 Minors Participating and/or Attending Race Events at KAM Kartway. It goes without saying that a child’s parent or legal guardian is 100% responsible for their child’s safety and care.  This is racing – not soccer and with that comes inherent risks that the parent/guardian fully acknowledges.  Please keep your child in or near your pit area and accompany them when they are not.

Children are not allowed in the Race Shop without an Adult. Our store/shop is not your average business venture – this is racing, and we sell/service have race equipment that can be dangerous if curious child wants to investigate.  Our Shop is NOT child proof.  Please help us keep your child safe while they enjoy the race program and accompany them at all times.

Spectator Deck.  Children are not permitted to use the Spectator Deck unless they are with an adult who is supervising them.  There shall be no horseplay, jumping on or from deck and no climbing on the deck at any time.

Annual Driver Registration. All drivers at KAM Kartway must be a registered KAM driver to compete at a “points race”. A new driver registration form, Minor Release (if applicable) and Media Release is required from each KAM driver at the being of the Points Championship Series each year.

Pit Pass and race sign in (Indemnity Form).

Pit Pass Required. Everyone who enters the property on a race program night or race event must sign in and purchase a Pit Pass.  Pit Passes must be worn on the wrist in view of race officials.  Spectators, invited guests, pit crew members who are caught violating this rule will be asked to leave the premises without exception.  Multiple violations will reflect on the driver and he or she may be subject to penalties.  PLEASE INFORM YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO SIGN IN AND GET A PIT PASS!

All children under the age of 18 MUST have a valid Minors Release on file to enter the racing facility. A Minors Release is required for anyone under the age of 18 who enters the KAM Kartway race facility on or during a race day/event.

Minors may not sign themselves in. [The Waiver and Indemnity Form is a legal document and not valid if signed by a minor.]  If the minor has a Minor Release on file then any adult who is in charge of supervising said minor may sign them in.  Children may NOT sign in for their parents and will not be registered for race event unless an adult is with them at sign-in.

When signing in on race day, please make sure that everyone in your group is listed (even children under 3 who are free) and list under “DUTIES” if you are a “Driver”, “Pit Crew” or “Spectator”.


Carless: Departing from the standard of a reasonably prudent, competent driver and/or reasonable person conduct.

Reckless: Performing an act or omission which creates an obvious and serious risk to others without due consideration of the consequences.

Dangerous: Performing an act or omission that carries an obvious and serious risk to others and with deliberate disregard for the consequences.

General Actions: Drivers, crews and their invited spectators will, at all times, be responsible for their own actions, however any offense committed by members of that race team/Pit Area will be chargeable to the driver.  The driver is always ultimately responsible for his or her Team, Crew, Spectators and/or invited visitors as it pertains to penalty infractions.  A monetary damage/penalty caused by and/or charged against a driver who is a minor is ultimately the responsibility of the Parent and/or Legal Guardian.

 The management of KAM Kartway reserves the right to refuse entry/participation to anyone.