Class Rules

Section 7 Class Rules

Remember:  KAM Kartway is a Burris Tire Track all kart classes must run Burris Tires to qualify for points, awards & prizes.

**Just because it doesn’t say it, doesn’t mean you can do it.  ASK!!!**

>If it’s not covered in the specific class/car rules then it must remain “Stock”.

> All children under the age of 18 MUST have a valid Minors Release, signed by BOTH parents and Notarized to enter the property during a KAM Race Event. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Hot Wheels- this will be a true beginner class with no points ages 4.5 to 8 .  All participants get an award as we want to stress learning and not competition at this age/stage in their development.

Same as 3.5 HP with no weight limit

3.5 HP CLASS (Age 5-8)


  1. Drive train
  1. Must be live axle only.
  2. Must be chain or belt driven.
  3. Chain guard must be in place between chain and driver.
  4. Aluminum axles allowed.
  1. Brakes

A.  Must have minimum one (1) wheel brakes in the rear.

  1. Brakes must be in good working order. “No Exceptions” Will be checked prior to entering the track.

 3.     Engine

A.  Block

  1. No motor-sport engines allowed.
  2. Engine must meet specifications for make and model.
  3. Engine claim will be in effect. See claim rules page for details.
  4. Pop up .005

B.  Carburetion

  1. Stock carburetors only! Must be make for your engine. > Bowl Type okay 32 only with Stock Butterfly Screw.
    1. No Muffler required.  May use straight pipe with flanged end.

C.  Engine Sizes

  1. Only 3 or 3.5 hp Briggs are ALLOWED
  2. May remove governor, change air filter. YOU MAY NOT REMOVE THE CHOKE.
  3. Keyway must be in stock position.
  4. Flywheel must be stock.
  5. Over bore okay (no total seal rings)
  6. WKA Flat Head Burris piston ok.

D.  Clutch

1. Any Shoe clutch is allowed. No Wet or Disc Clutches, centrifugal only.

E.  Head – Stock

F.  Crank – Stock

G. Rod  – Stock

H. CAM – Stock

I.  Valves – Stock

J.  Valve springs – stock, Part #690520 only

4. Tire – Burris Only

5. Weight – 250 lbs

Disclaimer: Certain race procedures, with the exception of inappropriate conduct, may or may not be used in the Hot Wheels and 3.5 HP Class at the discretion on the track owners. These are developmental classes for young drivers designed to educate them and foster learning the basic skills, rules and procedures of motorsport racing.  As such situations involving drivers in these classes (and in some cases brand new Rookies) should be handled differently.

Racers will attempt a rolling start, at the track’s discretion a standing start may be used.

Pure Stock  (Ages 7-14)


  1. Drive train
    1. Must be live axle kart.
    2. Must be chain or belt driven.
    3. Chain guard must be in place between chain and driver.
    4. Any axle allowed.
    5. May use bead lock on right rear tire, only.
    6. Brakes
      1. Must have minimum one (1) wheel brakes in the rear.
      2. Brakes must be in good working order.
      3. No Band Brakes allowed.

3.     Engine

  1. Block
  2. Intek motors only, 206cc. Dual bearing block OK.
  3. These motors must be stock; any modifications made to these motors other than those listed will result in disqualification.
  4. You may pull out governor and air filter. STOCK CAM ONLY.  May Run Briggs Animal springs – Part #26826 only.
  5. Must run Stock plastic cam with Briggs part number on it.
    1. Carburetion     Carb stock 30, 32, 36 or new 14 only with stock butterfly screw.
    2. Engine Sizes – Briggs Intek only, 206cc
    3. Lift, must meet manufacturer specks or you will be disqualified. We will check.
    4. Keyway must be in stock position.
    5. Flywheel must be stock
    6. Over bores okay
    7. Burris WKA Animal piston ok.
  •  Piston .003 in hole.
  •  No total seal rings.
  1. Clutch – Any Shoe clutch allowed.  No wet clutches or disc.
  2. Head
  3. May run the EPA USA head only.  No Mexico Heads
  4. D port may not be altered in any fashion.
  5. No Animal heads
  6. Stock valves only.
  7. Stock Retainer only
  8. Can remove lash cap
  9. Head may be cut to .319 to the floor with .011 Quench Lip
  10. Stock Plastic Spacer (Part #795643)
  11. No grinding, no Porting but valve length can be cut to 3.250.

F.  Crank – Stock only, can be cut 1” for clutch

G.  Rod

1.  Stock Rod, Dipper can be cut

  1.             2.  Stock Animal Rod okay.
  2.             3.  No Billet Rod
  3. Gas – 87 Octane, Pump Gas only. No Race Gas and NO ADDITIVES.

4.     Tires – Burris Tires only

5.     Weight – 290 lbs

**Just because it doesn’t say it, doesn’t mean you can do it.  ASK!!!**

KAM follows AKRA rules for Clone

  • Jr 1 Outlaw Clone is ages 8-10 years old, gas only and 265 lbs,
  • Jr 2 Outlaw Clone is ages 10-12 years old, gas only and 290 lbs,
  • Jr-3 Outlaw Clone is ages 12-15 years old, gas only and 320lbs.  
    1. AKRA Clone- Unrestricted
    2. Any Clutch.
    3. Any exhaust pipe.
    **Tech Procedures and Guidelines for AKRA Clone Classes**  Get your rule book here. (Click the picture below for the specific Jr 1, Jr 2 and Jr 3 rules from the AKRA Rule Book.)

Jr Outlaw Clone

Animal Class (Ages 9-16)


  1. Drive train
  1. Must be live axle kart.
  2. Must be chain or belt driven.
  3. Chain guard must be in place between chain and driver.
  4. Any axle allowed.
  5. May use bead lock on right side, only.
  6. Must have minimum two (2) wheel brakes, in the rear.
  7. Brakes must Work Period
  8. A.  Block
    1. Motorsport engines Allowed.
    2. No Flathead Briggs or Formula 1 motors.
    3. May balance engine and cut deck – pop up .005..
    4. B.   Head
      1. Head may be cut to .319 to the floor, 011 quench must run WKA/IKF legal animal spring.
      2. Ports are to remain as cast.
      3. No porting, polishing or welding allowed.
      4. Valve cover – stock valve cover from factory.
      5. Rocker arms – stock rocker arms from factory.
      6. Push rods – stock push rods from factory only.
      7. Head gasket – stock head gasket from factory or WKA/IKF legal after-market head gasket.
      8. Valves – stock
      9. Valve springs – stock or WKA/IKF animal legal after –market springs.
      10. C.  Carburetion
        1. Must run PZ22 carb only. Must be stock from factory except for those parts inside the float bowl that can be removed through the float bowl, are non tech items.
        2. With the exception of the fuel discharge nozzle height in the ventura – this is a tech item for height only.
        3. The end of the nozzle may be modified.
        4. The end of the nozzle may not protrude into the ventura more than .60.
        5. Choke must be as stock from the factory, choke may be secured in the open position.
        6. Throttle bore, choke bore, as cast, per WKA/IKF spec, go / no go gauge.
        7. D.  Intake – Stock per WKA/IKF go/no gauge. Auxiliary pulse type pump required.  Pump must be pulsed only from crank case side cover , top oil fill cap only.  No hoses or tubes, to or from the intake.
        8. E.    Ignition – Stock – Briggs and Stratton coil or PVL.
        9. F.   Cam
          1. Must run WKA/IKF legal animal cam. Stock Core. No billet. Camshaft must profile WKA/IKF spec.  Profile readings will be measured by a degree wheel.
          2. Valve lifters – stock.
          3. G.  Crank
            1. Stock – minimum stroke is 2.204
            2. Timing gear – stock –no alterations in any manner allowed.
            3. Stock crankshaft bearings.  No ceramic bearings are allowed.
            4. H.  Flywheel
              1. Briggs & Stratton, JR Racecar billet flywheel, or Briggs & Stratton PVL flywheel.
              2. Plastic fan mandatory.
              3. Any flywheel key or no flywheel key is allowed.
              4. No machining of flywheels is allowed.
              5. I.     Connecting Rod & Piston
                1. Connecting Rod – Stock or any billet rod allowed – stock length.
                2. Piston ring – stock rings – Burris rings allowed.  No Total Seal rings.
                3. Piston – stock piston allowed.  Over bores are ok to .035.  Burris animal piston is okay.  No alterations to the piston are allowed.  Arrow must point to the flywheel.
                4. J.    Crankshaft – Stock
  1. Brakes
  1. Engine

4.         Tires – Burris Tires Only

5.         Weight – 330 lbs **Note: Weight is 310 lbs for Gold Plate class, and 375 Lbs for Adult Animal class.


Gold Plate Animal (Ages 8-14) – Same as above with addition of Briggs Animal 3 ole .312 Restrictor Gold Plate.

**Just because it doesn’t say it, doesn’t mean you can do it.  ASK!!!**

Outlaw 125  (Age 10 & up)

  1. Single cylinder, two-cycle, single carburetor MX dirt bike or ATV engine, gasoline only not to exceed 135cc displacement.
  2. Stock 125cc OEM Stroke.
  3. Stock OEM manual disk type clutch only, must be able to push start.
  4. Minimum of 350 pounds with driver.

Winged Outlaw 250F 2 or 4-Stroke  (13 & up)

  1. No overbore, some manufacturers have different cylinders (A, B, C etc. – okay as long as it falls within the parameters of OEM s.)
  2. Stock OEM stroke.

  3. No slipper clutches

  4. Carb. or fuel injected is legal, single carb only

  5. No porting, no welding of ports, no port angle changes, etc.

  6. No lightening of flywheels

  7. Must run gas only. Race gas is OK. No alcohol or fuel additives.

  8. Any pipe allowed as long as it is not a safety issue, (protruding outside of nerf bars etc.)

  9. Gear removal will be a non-tech item

  10. Beadlock required on right rear

  11. Weight – 420 lbs

  12. Parent(s) of drivers younger than 14 may petition to enter the class. It will be on an individual basis, with track promoter making final decision, based on experience and ability.

  13. All racers must run Burris tires, may run Burris/QRC55 Tire on Right Rear only. Right rear tires must punch 50 or above on a durometer.

Winged Outlaw 500 Open Karts (15 and up)

Burris tires on all 4 corners, QRC55 right rear tire only. Single cylinder (gas only). 550cc Max. Displacement (2 strokes). 600cc Max. Displacement (4 strokes) After market pipes, heads, intakes and naturally aspirated carburetors allowed. 4 strokes may use Factory fuel injection only if the motor came from the factory with fuel injection, no aftermarket fuel injection. No Nitrous Oxide. Weight is 450 lbs. as raced.

Burris tire rule applies to all Kart Classes.

RWYB Class New for 2014 – see UAS rules for this class

Adult Animal (15 & up) See “Animal”

Adult Clone is also an AKRA Rules class. (Go to there website to order your rule book.)