Disclaimer: All participants that sign in to the pit area or are signed in by their parent/guardian or spouse are agreeing to this disclaimer and giving up their right to sue or bring charges against any KAM Kartway staff, official or property owner or their assigns of heirs. 

KAM Kartway Rules and Regulations are broken down into sections.  Starting on this page are the General Track Rules, Safety, Points, etc. At the bottom of the page are links to the other sections that include Competition rules (on track stuff and protests) and Class Rules. You will also find a link to our Code of Conduct guidelines.  For a downloadable copy of your own set of rules (that we recommend you print out and keep with your Team Documents, in your trailer or on your bed stand) go to the “Forms” page for the most up-to-date copy.  

If  you plan to race at KAM Kartway it is YOUR responsibility to read and understand these rules.  By using our racing facility (aka KAM Kartway) you are acknowledging and agreeing to these rules. As with any and all businesses, KAM reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Section 1 General Rules

1.1  No fighting or profanity! The person(s) involved will be asked to leave, and at the discretion of the Race Director, along with their race team members.

1.2  Everyone must “Sign-In” (Indemnity and Waiver Form) and obtain a Pit Pass during Race Times.  PIT PASS MUST BE WORN ON WRIST AND VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES.

1.3  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a minors release on file.  Minor releases may ONLY be filled out by the legal parent or guardian.  If the parent does not plan to attend with their child, they MUST PRINT the form from our website and BOTH parents must sign it and have it NOTARIZED.

1.4  No Alcohol allowed during the race program.  It is allowed after ALL the races are over and this does not mean after your (or your child’s) race, but ALL the races must have been completed before any alcohol may be consumed.  NO GLASS!

1.5  Anyone called for rough driving will be sent to the pits.  Two offenses in the same night could result in loss of any and all points for the race.  These calls will be made by the Race Director and/or Flag Man.  Parents, please remember that there is a chance that your young driver may  Correction: YOUR CHILD WILL (at some point) get bumped, nudged or outright slammed into on the track – but that does not necessarily constitute “Rough Driving” – see Code of Conduct for definitions. This is to be determined by the Race Officials – NOT the parents.

1.6  Any conduct by children, parents, kart owners, pit crews, fans, etc. deemed inappropriate towards any race official and/or not complying with race official’s instructions will be penalized.  If the situation is severe and person and/or entire team may be barred from the race and could potentially be banned from the track for the remainder of the season.  Any discussion with any official or another team member must be in a normal voice and manner.

1.7  All persons entering the premises on race day are required to read, understand and sign the required document(s).  Parents or legal guardians are responsible for signing your minor child in and making them aware of the rules & procedures. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR MINOR CHILD SIGN THE RACE REGISTRATION SIGN IN SHEET.  This is a LEGAL document and a child signing it is not acceptable.

1.8  Young children should stay within their pit area unless accompanied by an adult.

1.9  Although the rules are comprehensive, they may not address every situation.  These rules may be changed or altered for the enrichment of the sport and/or to promote fairness to all. The Race Director’s decision is final.  Local promoting organizations may supplement the rules or guidelines.  These supplemented rules should be documented, printed (or emailed) and distributed to the racers by the promoting organization. (ie: AKRA, UAS, ACSC2, or IKF)

1.10 KAM Kartway reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Section 2 General Kart Rules for ALL Drivers

2.1       SAFETY

2.1.0    Headgear: Full-faced helmets designed for competitive motorsport use are required and must comply with the Snell Memorial Foundation’s helmet standards and current rating specs. PLEASE NOTE: As of 2-15-14, the ratings for Snell SA2005 and K2005 have been extended and are compliant thru 12/20/15 for “go-Karts” and Champ (Outlaw) Karts.  Snell SA2002 & M2000 are no longer permitted.  KAM Kartway will allow the K’s in all except the Animal and Gold Plate – those REQUIRE the SA rating. The SA2010 is preferred for all classes due to additional standards required for our application (ie: fire resistance standards and testing in addition to roll bar impact testing.) Beginner drivers in the Hot Wheels and 3.5 HP Classes may use the SNELL CMR 2007 Rating – as this is a popular Youth helmet rating and meets the standards of skill and technical levels of beginner drivers according to SNELL.  Helmets must be secured with a strap.  A full face shield, integral with the helmet is mandatory.

2.1.1    Neck Braces: Collar-type, unaltered neck braces designed for motorsports use is mandatory in all classes.  Loss of neck brace during the event will be cause for a black flag to be given to the driver.

2.1.2    Driver Apparel: Drivers are required to wear driving suites or jackets made of leather, vinyl, abrasion resistant nylon, or the equivalent.  Gloves, socks, shoes and long pants (if wearing a jacket) are mandatory.  GLOVES ARE MANDATORY!  If you don’t have them you will not be permitted to race.

2.1.3    Flame-retardant suites with an SFI-3.2A/1 minimum rating is required for all drivers running alcohol. Flam-retardant or resistant material is preferred for all classes.

2.1.4    Five point harness and arm restraints are mandatory for all cage kart drivers, and must be attached to the restraint system-lap belt and not over the steering shaft.

2.1.5    If driver’s hair extends below the helmet the driver must wear a head sock or balaclava to prevent the driver’s hair from extending below the helmet.

2.1.6    Loose clothing, bandanas, scarves, hoods, loose belts, no belts, etc. is not acceptable and the driver will not be permitted on the race track.

2.1.7    All personal safety equipment is subject to, and shall be made available for, pre-tech inspection.   **Passing a Pre-tech inspection does constitute full motor/rules compliance and does not established as a Post-tech pass.

2.1.8    Each kart team will have a working fire extinguisher in their pit.  This is mandatory and will be randomly checked all year.

2.1.9    All drivers must kill their engines at the exit shoot and then push their kart to their pit area.

2.1.10  Front and Rear bumpers are mandatory and may not extend outside the tires.

2.1.11  All weights added to the kart must be painted white and have the kart owner’s race number on it. All weights must be double-nutted with locking nut on the outside, bolt drilled and clipped or safety wired for security.  No smaller than a 5/16bolt and if it comes off during the race the kart owner will be subject to a fine.

2.1.12  All OHV Motors must have the OEM Scatter Shield in place or comparable steel replacement.

2.2       Driver’s Meeting

2.2.1    All drivers will attend the mandatory drivers meeting.  Local flag rules, starting procedure, yellow flag procedure, lap traffic instructions and event schedule along with any safety issues will be discussed.  The Race Director may elect to start any driver who misses the drivers meeting at the rear of heat and/or feature event.

2.2.2    A supervising adult or crew chief must accompany young racers to the drivers meeting.

2.3       Flags & Race Calls 

It is the job of the Flagman to relay information regarding the status of the race to the drivers by waving the various flags, and consequently it is the driver’s job to observe them. (Parents do NOT give hand signals; wave your arms to get their attention, or anything of that nature!)

2.3.1    Checkered Flag- the race is finished.  After passing the checkered flag the driver must slow to a moderate pace for exiting the track.  If called to weigh, proceed slowly to the scale and/or post tech area.

2.3.2    White Flag – one lap to go in the race. If there is a wreck after the white flag and the karts are safe, the race will finish. The flagman may waive the Yellow AND Checkered Flag together.

2.3.3    Red Flag – Stop immediately the race has been (in most cases) temporarily halted.

  • After slowing to safe stop, drivers will be instructed to proceed safely to turn 4. When directed, one team member may enter the track to re-start their driver’s kart.  You may not make adjustments to the kart and will only be permitted to restart the motor.
  • If the red flag occurs at or prior to the halfway point, the race may be started.  Restarts will be in the same order as the last completed and scored green flag lap prior to the red flag.
  • If the red flag occurs after the halfway point, the race may be scored as a completed race and the results will reflect the last completed green flag lap. Karts involved in the red flag incident will be scored at the rear of the field.  The officials will make every effort for the event to finish under green flag conditions; however time and other conditions may require the race to be scored as completed.  The Race Director will decide if your kart can restart the event.
  • Any kart or driver flipping over (ie: not landing on all 4 tires when kart comes to a complete stop) causing a red flag will be allowed to restart with permission from the Race Director or the Emergency Medical’s Personnel’s approval.

2.3.4    Yellow Flag

  • There is danger on the course and there is a need for caution.  When a yellow flag is displayed anywhere on the track, it signifies a full course caution.
  • Slow down and DO NOT RACE TO THE FINISH LINE ON A YELLOW FLAG.  There is no passing under yellow flag.
  • Karts causing the caution and/or stopped on the track will restart in the rear but before lapped karts.  “Lucky-Dog” rule applies and lapped karts will be restarting on the lead lap.
  • Restart line ups are based on the last completed lap and scored green lap.

2.3.5        Green Flag – Start – the course is clear.

  • It is at the Flag Man’s discretion when to throw the green flag to start the race!

DISCLAIMER: The ages and classes of the drivers are treated differently and that is just how it is.

  • Hot Wheels is a beginner-just-getting-started-barely-out-of-training-pants class and they will be assisted when needed to get in the proper line up and will have a standing start.
  • The 3.5 HP class will also be assisted in their line up start and will have a slow rolling start. At the track’s discretion a standing start may be opted for.
  • Pure Stock, having typically had 2 or more years behind the wheel are expected to know the lineup and what their position is.  We know that this it’s new for a lot of them at the beginning of the season as they may have just moved up and we are aware of this, but the green goes when the front two karts have made a steady pace and come across the start line at an even pace.
  • Please do not encourage your child to “jump the start” because we will see it and they will be docked a position (or more if it is habitual).  If the several attempts have been made and the front row can’t keep an even pace, then they may be sent back a row and the second row will then start the race.

2.3.6        Black Flag  and “Rolled” Black Flag

  • Rolled and pointed means a “Warning” about driver conduct.
  • Waved (open) Black Flag: Driver must exit the track immediately because you have been disqualified for a driving infraction, unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe equipment or loss of safety apparel. If a participant ignores the black flag along they are subject to disqualification for the event and no points will be given.
  •   If the driver stops and gets out of their kart on the track during the race and attempts to argue with race officials about the call, they will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension and loss of points.
  •   Mechanical Black Flag in a feature will receive last place points and all other calls may receive “Starting Points” at the Race Director’s discretion.

2.3.7        Blue Flag with Yellow Stripe: (not often used but all drivers should know its meaning) a lapping kart is attempting to pass cars, give them consideration.  If driver refuses to allow the faster kart to pass they are subject to getting a Black Flag.

2.3.8        If a caution is required on the last lap the restart may be Green-White-Checker or Green/White then Checker.  The Flag Man will make that call based on conditions, understanding/skill of class and/or time limits.

2.4       Post Race Technical Inspection KAM reserves the right to tech any part of the kart or engine at any time.

2.4.1    The top 3 finishers in the feature must weigh in with kart and driver. (There are times when this is waived, but if you have not been signaled to exit the track, please head to the scales.)

2.4.2    The Race Director or his appointed race official will decide how many karts will be impounded for technical inspection.

2.4.3    The Technical Director, with RD approval, will decide what and how much tech will be done in any given class.

2.4.4    Tech may be waived if the top five drivers (Kart Owner) unanimously consent.

2.4.5    A DQ following Tech may be appealed.  You have until noon the following Monday to provide documentation for your appeal.

2.5       Other

2.5.1    No Radio Communication between driver and pit crew will be permitted while the driver is in the kart during a competition race.

2.5.2    No mirrors on karts.

2.5.3    A drivers 1st time to race – will be required to start in the back for all races.

2.5.4    Kart teams are responsible for keeping their pit are free of litter and dangerous obstacles.

2.5.5    All drivers must register prior to the race, you must sing in each night and you must race the kart you registered to receive points for the event. *

* If you are late and miss draw you will start on the back for the heats, but you must still stop at the window and register.

*If your kart is damaged during any heat, a backup car may be used to finish out the night, but the driver will start in the back of all remaining races.

2.5.6    If the skills do not meet the class standard of the participant’s to race in a given class, the

Driver may be asked to race in a slower or less crowded class for safety.  On the other hand, if the skills exceed the class standard (ie: double lapping field) the driver will be asked to move up classes.

2.5.7    Any driver racing a higher level class in 3 or more events may not move back down to a slower level class.  Running two classes is permitted for experienced drivers as long as they are not more than a level apart in our Development Program.

2.5.8    Classes may be added to race program provided there are 4 or more karts registered. Classes may also be combined if fewer than 3 karts in any given class is registered and classes/driver skill are comparable.  Combined classes will be scored separately.

2.5.9    Substitute drivers are not permitted to race for points.  Back up motors are allowed, but driver must start in the back of the next race.

2.5.10  Burris Race Tires are required for points at KAM Kartway.

2.6       Kart Numbers

2.6.1    All karts must have legible number.  Flat karts must have numbers at least 6 inches in height affixed to both sides and back of kart.  Numbers must be in contrasting colors, outlaw karts must have at least 10” numbers on right and left side of kart and wing and inside large wing panel.

  • When the score keepers can’t read your kart number it disrupts lap counting as they try to figure out that kart and makes it possible to unintentionally miss another kart(s) in the process.  If we can’t read your number ~ that kart will simply not be scored.
  • Numbers are required on the back of the kart so that other drivers know how/where to line up in the event of restarts.

*Hint: that really cool graphics/color scheme you are thinking about getting may look great during Hot Laps, but when the lights come on does the kart number blend in with the flames?  Okay, I’m really just being nice and I plead with you to carefully consider your color schemes when splurging on the custom graphics!  Your kid may have the coolest kart on the track, but could lose points if we can’t read the number.

2.6.2    All kart numbers must be registered with AND pre-approved by KAM Kartway. Two karts with the same number will not be allowed race in the same class.

2.6.3    Numbers may not exceed 3 digits/characters long and letters should be half the size of the number when used in a combination.

2.6.4    The Head Scorer will have final determination on the legibility of the numbers on any


3.0       Points System



p align=”center”>A-Main Feature Finishes

1st Place 100                6th Place 75      11th Place 50                16th Place 25

2nd Place 95                 7th Place 70      12th Place 45              17th Place 20

3rd Place 90                  8th Place 65      13th Place 40                18th Place 15

4th Place 85                  9th Place 60      14th Place 35                19 & beyond Place 10

5th Place 80                  10th Place 55    15th Place 30


3.1       Heat Winners receive 5 points per heat.

3.2       When a B-Main is required, top 4 drivers from the B go on to race the A Main and collect the points based on the A-Main finish. The remaining B-Main drivers, based on their finish, receive points in line with the last place finisher of the A-Main. (Example: 12 Karts finish the A-Main the next finisher in line will receive 13th Place points and so on.)

3.3       You MUST BE A SEASON POINTS REGISTERED DRIVER TO RACE AT KAM AND COLLECT POINTS.  Being registered is not, however a requirement to race at KAM Kartway for guest or first time drivers and you keep any trophy/award based on your feature finish but the driver does not get points.  Registered drivers will move up for points distribution, however results, posts, Press Release, etc. will always show actual kart finishers if the kart and driver meet the rules and requirements.

3.4       If you are disqualified for rules violation in the feature driver will not receive points.  In the event that there is a “Drop” for the Points Series, a DQ may NOT be dropped.

3.5       All registered drivers who come to the track with a race ready kart, however due to mechanical issues cannot start the feature (DNS) will receive last place points less 15.

3.6       If driver starts the feature but DNF (Did Not Finish) they will get points based on what lap they came out with regard to the other driver finishes.

3.7       Points will be cumulative through the entire series. There will be one drop for the 2014 Points Series.

3.8       In the event of a rain out prior to completion of the second heat being raced all registered drivers will receive 95 points.  If both heats have been completed, points will be based on the Feature Lineup Grid.

3.9       In the event of a series end tie in points, tie will be broken by the number of feature wins, second tie breaker will be the number of heat wins.

3.10.1    To qualify for series end awards driver must complete at least 60% of races.

DISCLAIMER: In the event that a driver receives enough points them in trophy position but doesn’t meet the attendance requirement, AND provided that no one is eligible for the position, then they have the option to purchase the award for year-end awards presentation.

3.10.2    Track Officials (this includes staff, volunteers and/or interns) will audit points and results/points will be posted on a Social Media platform (i.e.: Website,, etc.) and it is up to the driver/parent to contact us if they feel there is an error. An audit committee is welcome (and encouraged) at the end of the season to verify points.

3.10.3    Track management reserves the right to alter parking for special circumstances.

3.10.4    No refunds will be given after the Drivers Meeting has taken place. Please refer to rule 3.8 for point distribution.

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