Race Results for 5/10/14 with Powder Puff

2014 Dirt Divas

Photo by Jennifer Stephenson

The Dirt Diva Powder Puff Class was the race to watch on May 10th at KAM Kartway.  We had a nine Dirt Divas embrace the inner speed demon and strapped in for the thrill, bragging rights and a huge bouquet of roses from Studio B Florist, a Pink tiara from Mallory Pierce and a purple trophy from KAM.  It was a close race but the one who took home the bounty was Leslie Riley driving the Clone #55 (owner Matt Velasquez).  2nd place was Jennifer Marquez proving that racing is in the family gene pool and Yalonda Rennie (Track Photographer) who piloted the Cummings Clone #9 for a podium finish and 3rd place hardware.

2014 KAM Kartway Sponsors

Thank you to our 2014 Sponsors for making the race program at KAM Kartway possible!!!

Custom Powder Coating’s Hot Wheels Class
1st Place – Jaron Beltram, #13
2nd Place – Mackenzie Marquez, #00m
3rd Place – Aidan Setmire, #35
4th Place – Noah Rowland, #95
5th Place – Richard Zimmerman, #5 (DNS)

Tori and Jason Tyer

Photo by Karen Davis

Splash Haven Pools’ 3.5 HP Class
1st Place – Tori Tyer, #12
2nd Place – Landen Zakalowski, #57
3rd Place – Peyton Palanza, #6
5th Place – Landon Bellows, #19

The Oil Medic’s Pure Stock Class
1st Place – Zoie Pierce, #A1
2nd Place – Jeremy Walker, #10w
3rd Place – Katie Stephenson, #18
5th Place – Kaleb Brindley, #17k
6th Place – Shawn Marquez, #2m
7th Place – Jacob Bourland, #43
8th Place – Westin Palanza, #8
9th Place – Wesley Knox, #55k
10th Place – Case Harris, #1k
11th Place – Hailey Gary, #11h
12th Place – Cross Jones, #1
13th Place – Montana Hafley, #21h
14th Place – Wyatt Richeson, #73x
15th Place – Nathan Cisco, #99
16th Place – Brittany Clar, #1*

RDAD Racing’s Gold Plate Class
1st Place – Ayden Rogers, #13
2nd Place – Katelyn Dixon, #11
3rd Place – Ryan Begando, #09
5th Place – Sean Knox, #21k
Animal Class at KAM Kartway

Midwest Winter Race Series’ Animal Class
1st Place – Tucker Perry, #22
2nd Place – Collin Montgomery, #87
3rd Place – Shane Marquez, #1m
4th Place – Cody Pound, #21c
5th Place – Ty Rodriguez, #40
6th Place – Connor Montgomery, #88

Pro Tech’s Outlaw 250 Class
1st Place – Jett Hays, #83
2nd Place – Ben Saye, #73
3rd Place – Drew Komarek, #44
5th Place – Pierce Urbanosky, #19
DNS* – Jake Copeland, #9
DNS* – Austin Harris, #1k
**Both with motor problems

Ben Saye, Outlaw 250 Class

Photo by Karen Davis

Country Time Vapor’s Adult Clone Class
1st Place – Perry Cummings, #1
2nd Place – Jamie Benke, #99
3rd Place – Matt Velasquez, #55
5th Place – Charles Pou, #35
6th Place – Marc Velasquez, #54
7th Place – Derrike Pennington, # 19

MB Motorsports’ Adult Animal Class
1st Place – Curtis Pierce, #A1
2nd Place – Bob Petell, #14

And last but not lease our Studio B Flower’s Powder Puff Class Feature Finish results are:
1st Place – Leslie Riley
2nd Place – Jennifer Marquez
3rd Place – Yalonda Rennie
4th Place – Cindy Rodriguez
5th Place – Kathy Jewel
6th Place – Mallory Pierce
7th Place – Jennifer Nehring
8th Place – Alyssa Velasquez
9th Place – Hailey Cisco

Craig Rennie, Track Photographer

Photo by Karen Davis

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