Race Results 2-9-14 ~ Jett Hays wins Outlaw King of the Hill

Jett Hays

Photo by Amy Hays

Congratulations to our King of the Hill winner in Outlaw: Jett Hays!

First of all – CAN WE FIRE THE WEATHER MAN! Seriously, what happened to 60 & Sunny?  Holy tolido it was bone chilling.   As for my 35 drivers and their race teams, Thank You for braving the cold and coming out to KAM yesterday.

With grand-baby duty most of the past year during races, this was my first time back in the score seat in a while.  {MISSED Ya’ll!! }  Not much has changed – my KAM Kids are still just as cute as ever, including Jamey Lough, Ben keeps getting taller every time I see him,  Sarah is determined as ever (it shows in her face) to kick the boys butts {and she did}, my sign in sheets were wrong and people still think Mike is the boss.  Okay, fine HE IS THE BOSS, but in my head I really am.

And since I can read my own handwriting I thought I’d get back in the habit of posting race results {however, I will be doing it blog style, obviously and let’s just see how that works}. There were some new faces for me so I want to welcome Katie Stephenson, #18 and congratulate her on her first win! She won a heat in Pure Stock then went on to a 4th place finish in the Feature.  Way to go Katie!!  This face isn’t new to me, but I sure am excited to see the Marquez Team grow with the addition of Hot Wheels driver Mackenzie Marquez in the #00M.  Kenzie ended up making her racing debut in the 3.5 HP class since she was the only Hot Wheels driver and big sister, Megan #3M got to show her the ropes.

Sprint Car Driver Morgan Montgomery was on hand to offer some driver coaching, with Zoie Pierce and Hailey Gary being her first students.  Thanks you Morgan for staying around another day due to the weather/schedule change to do this…I know Hailey and Zoie were so excited, and I think you have 2 new fans!

Okay here is what everyone really wants to know……the feature finishes:

Class / PlaceKart/Car NumberName
Hot Wheels
1st Place#00MKenzie Marquez
3.5 HP
1st Place#3MMegan Marquez
2nd Place#77Austin Clark
3rd Place#7wNeed a name
Pure Stock
1st Place#65Austin Piper
2nd Place#55Wes Knox
3rd Place#11HHailey Gary
4th Place#18Katie Stephenson
5th Place#14Zoie Pierce
6th Place#88Connor Montgomery
7th Place#2MShawn Marquez
8th Place #43Jacob Bourland
9th Place#10wJeremy Walker
Gold Plate Animal
1st Place#1MShane Marquez
2nd Place#21kShaun Knox
3rd Place#57Mitchell Mobley
1st Place#21cCody Pound
2nd Place #87Collin Montgomery
Outlaw 250cc
1st Place#83Jett Hays
2nd Place#87Collin Montgomery
3rd Place#19 Pierce Urbanosky
4th Place#73Ben Saye
5th Place#25JC Haddock
6th Place#44Drew Komarek
7th Place#1Sammy Davis
Outlaw 125cc
1st Place#H22Colby Horn
Adult Flat Kart (Clone)
1st Place#70Gregg Gary
2nd Place#39Jamey Lough
Micro Sprint
1st Place#51Sarah Walls
2nd Place#14Noah Key
3rd Place#99BBrittany Bryant
4th Place#22Cody Price
5th Place#xBryce Redmond
6th Place#42BShane Marquez