KAM Kids Foundation Formed to Help Drivers in Need

There are some drivers who just don't have the funds for needed safety equipment.  If it isn't mandatory they see it as a luxury item and do without.

Items that we propose to help them with are:

  • Head and Neck Restraints
  • Race seat Head Supports
  • Full Containment Race Seats
  • Leg and knee rests
  • Fireproof undergarments
  • Fireproof Race Suits
  • New SNELL 2010 rated Helmets

We need your help to make this happen.  Kaley Engstrom (Driver, KAM Flagman, and owner of K&K Race Services) along with KAM Kartway has formed KAM Kids Foundation to raise needed funds to supply drivers in need, due to financial hardships,  the safety equipment needed.  Please give a donation today to our cause as we work to get these drivers some added safety protection.   

If you would like to give the actual equipment or safety gear that we are in need of, we will make sure it goes to a very deserving driver.