Voluneer needed to head committees

KAM Committees are now being organized for 2014!

Board of Directors Needed for 2014

Directors & Volunteers will be in charge of their respective committees as outlined in the tabs below.

Tech AdviserCompetition ChairmanPR & Marketing (Kelley)Points ChairmanAwards & Special Events
Tech Forum Admin and sub-committees: Rules, Tech Issues, Protest Polices, Safety Issues and Rules & Policies
Forum Admin. Areas of responsibility for Competition Chair: Grievance Issues, Driver and On-track Policies and Issues
Sub-committees: Media Content (Press Release, Social Media, Website), Video Production (Races, Driver Interviews, etc for website and Youtube), Sponsor Relations (Solicit, contract negotiations, Track signage sale, etc.), T-Shirts
Includes Forum Admin and overseeing Speednetdirect.com race results updates and Points audit for end of year awards.
Basically I need 2-3 Pit Mom Extraordinaire Be active on Forum and in charge of Awards Budget (trophies, stickers, flags, party, etc), Awards presentation after each race, Season Awards Banquet and KAM parties, help with race themes, giveaways and other activities. {PTA Mom for KAM}

Board Of Directors

Pre-Planning Committee Meeting

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Priority Items:

2014 Rules * Only2-3 items need verification, validation and then I will be good to go with publishing.

Awards Banquet *Pit Moms are on it and party is being organized.  Awards have been ordered.

2014 Track T-Shirts *Need (or wanted) a 10 Year Anniversary (or Birthday) special graphic/design.  Need to work with company who will let us take orders (and payments) first as at this time there are no funds to pre-purchase shirts.  Note: this is something that I have been told KAM Drivers/Teams want, however in the past all the New KAM drivers got KAM Kartway T-shirts for FREE when they registered.  Due to the serious budget constraints, this is just simply not something that KAM can do this year.  🙁

10 Yr Anniversary Souvenir Race Program *This is something very special that I want to do and I believe it will pay for itself if I can get some volunteers to help me sell ads, and write content (articles).  I already have ad rates and sizes, and have gotten several people to write articles for the program.  One of our Grandparents is also trying to see what he can do about printing costs.  So if you are interested in helping me on this project PLEASE contact me ASAP.

Blog Writers: I would love to have some Guest Bloggers for the website!!  I am looking for “How To” articles or Videos, Product Reviews, Rookie Driver/Parent Advice, Race Results & Recaps, Year-in-Review Article and personal racing stories from our KAM Fam.  Has anyone ever had the desire to be a sports writer with their own column??  Well, now is your chance!  Note: the more content, the more readers who sign up at the site, and the more Likes, Shares and Comments….  all this drives the KPI/Metrics up and this is what Sponsors want to see first and foremost when you ask them to sponsor the track. The past several months have been great, and I really appreciate my KAM Fam giving the new site a chance.

        If you want to help and be on a Committee but can’t be at the meeting this Saturday, PLEASE fill out the form below and let me know that you are interested!  KAM NEEDS YOU!

Volunteers are always needed on race day too (now more than ever with Kaley and Megan’s other obligations this year) and following is a standard list of Jobs/Duties that are required on each race to properly hold a race event:

Race Staff

The Race Director for each race is almost always Mike Engstrom.

Registration Workers
have the task of operating the Registration from the time that “Gates Open” until the drivers meeting starts.  (this has been either Kelley or Megan in the past.)

Scoring Workers
establish the Grid line-ups, post to grid board and manually score each Heat and Feature. Calculate Heat points and determine Feature Line up.

Grid Position Worker
manages the pre-race staging for each race and has control of the microphone to make announcements. In some events this position may double as a Race Announcer when the worker is comfortable with doing so.

Pre-Tech is done at certain races where pre-race inspection is done to karts and safety equipment to assure compliance with safety requirements. It is not generally intended to evaluate performance related objects.

Post-Tech is done at certain races where post race inspection is done to karts to assure they are conforming to competition rules.

Scale Position Worker is required at all races to weigh the karts after each race.

The Flagman
is required to flag the races, and should be a seasoned racer familiar with Flagman duties, including the set-up, operation, and tear down of the electronic support systems. Kevin Fry has agreed to flag for KAM again in 2014!

Corner workers
are assigned to each corner to observe competitors for driving infractions and provide Yellow Flag warning conditions to the competitors.


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