Competition Rules

Section 4 Heat Race Procedures

4.0       Heat Race Procedures:
4.1       Each driver will draw a number (pill) for the first heat race lineup when they register for that race day’s event. Registration closes when the scheduled Drivers Meeting begins. If you miss draw, they will start on the back of both     heats.*
4.2       For the second Heat race the first heat line up is inverted.
4.3       The Heat race finishes are added together to determine the starting lineup for the Feature. In the event of a tie, points break the tie.  If it is not a points race or the first race of the Points Season, the draw will break the tie.
4.4       The general policy (suggested) number of karts per heat is 8.  In the event there is a larger car count, the class will be split into 2 or more groups. This will be shown on the grid board as Group A and Group B.
4.5       Starts:
4.5.1    Flagman starts all the races on the initial green flag.  The Green flag will be given when the front row karts are keeping a reasonable pace, and are in line, and are approaching the start line at the same pace.
4.5.2    Any kart jumping the start, causing a “no start” more than once, will be sent to the rear for the next restart attempt.
4.5.3    Flagman may call “No Start” if, at his discretion the drivers did not make a clean start from the start line to the finish line.
4.5.4    If a kart “Scratches” before the class has left the shoot, the karts will be re-grid for that race.  If the same happens after the class has entered the track, then the row where there is the open spot will move up.  *Please inform the score keepers or grid steward if you will not be able to make your heat.
4.6       Yellow or Red Flag Procedures:
4.6.1    The kart(s) causing the caution will be sent to the rear, in front of any lap cars if applicable, for the restart. The restart will be based on the last completed and scored lap.
4.6.2    If fault cannot be determined all karts involved will be either get their spot back or all go to the rear, based on the circumstances.
4.6.3    Karts causing two or more cautions during the heat can be sent to the pits.
4.7       Repairs:
4.7.1    Any kart stopped will be pushed to the middle of the infield or other designated work area.  If this occurs during a caution, 1 member of the pit crew has 2 laps to restart the kart.  ONLY RESTARTS ARE ALLOWED!  Otherwise if kart stops or stalls and is clear of the track the race will stay green.
4.7.2    Driver will be allowed to restart kart twice during any given heat race, and only during a caution.  If the kart stalled during a caution that was not caused by the driver then they will get their spot back on restart, ONLY if the kart is restarted within the allotted time of that caution.
4.7.3    If kart dies in the shoot (prior to the green flag) driver will be given approximately 2 minutes to start and enter the track.  Once the gates have closed you may not enter the track.

Section 5 Feature Race Procedures

5.0       Feature Race Procedures:
5.1       There will be a 20-minute time limit on all Feature Races beginning when the chute gates are closed.
5.1.1    If the raced is called based on time limit, the last completed lap will determine the Feature Finish order.
5.2       Most “A” Feature races will be 20 laps (except for Hot Wheels and 3.5 HP). RD may reduce the number of laps based on total number of karts entered in the class and “B” feature will be announced in Driver Meeting if applicable.
5.3       Only track officials are allowed on the track and no one else will be allowed in the infield during the racing program, unless authorized by RD. Exceptions are usually (1) a designated Outlaw parents who have started their drivers using a four-wheeler as it’s safer for them to stay their than cross the track while those hot rods are warming up, or (2) a parent of Hot Wheels driver (beginner) with a starter in hand to assist if needed.
5.4       Anyone crossing the racetrack during the race is subject to disqualification of their kart for that race, and if done in an aggressive manner will be asked to leave.
5.5       Starts:
5.5.1    The Flagman will start all the races with an initial green flag.
5.5.2    The Green Flag will be given when the front row karts are keeping a reasonable pace, in line and approaching the start line at the same time. The pole sitter sets the pace and the general rule of racing is that the outside pole is to “keep up”, but if the pole driver doesn’t play fair and makes it impossible it’s bad for everyone.
5.5.3    If karts do not make a “Clean Start” to the Start line, a “No Start” may be called.
5.5.4    Any kart(s) jumping the start 2 times will be sent to the back.
5.5.5    If a kart dies in the shoot (Before the Gates opens) the driver will have 2 minutes to restart their engine and enter the track to keep their starting position.  After that time, you may only enter the track at the RD’s discretion and Grid Steward has made sure it is safe to enter the driver will be allowed on the track and will tag on the back.
5.5.6    If a kart “Scratches” before the class has left the shoot, the karts will be re-grid for that race.  If the same happens after the class has entered the track, then the row where there is the open spot will move up.  *Please inform the score keepers or grid steward if you will not be able to make the Feature.
5.6       Yellow or Red flag during feature:
5.6.1    The kart(s) causing the caution will be sent to the rear (before lap cars) for the restart lineup.  The restart line up will be based on the last completed scored lap.
5.6.2    If the fault for the cause of the caution cannot be determined, all karts involved may be sent to the rear.
5.6.3    If officials do not agree on a particular call (id: who was at fault), karts may be lined up for restart based on last completed lap.
5.6.4    Karts passing other drivers before the Orange Cone (if cone is used) will be docked the appropriate positions.
5.7.1    Repairs:
5.7.2    You may not make repairs on the track. Pit Crew/Kart Owner must push kart to designated WORK AREA.  Driver will be given a 2 minute mechanical window to make repairs. When time is up and the race has gone back to green, karts will not be allowed to re-enter the track.  In the event another caution occurs and it is deemed safe by race officials, the driver may rejoin the race. DO NOT SEND YOUR DRIVER ONTO THE TRACK WHILE AFTER THE RACE HAS RESTARTED.
5.7.2    If the driver pulls off the track for whatever reason, and the track is clear, the race will stay green. If driver pulls into the infield the Flagman may throw a yellow to allow the driver to make repairs based on the circumstances and if time permits and conditions are safe.  Kart must move to the WORK AREA to make repairs and they have 2 minutes as stated above.
5.7.3    If a break down occurs during “5 to Go”, and the track is clear, the race may stay Green.
5.7.4    Kart must pull off the track for a Black Flag for safety/mechanical related issues like losing a neck collar, bumper, oil leaking onto track, etc.

Section 6 Protest & Engine Tech Procedures

Disclaimer:  First time drivers to KAM may not be protested.   In the event that a competitor does not meet all KAM Kartway rules, and the issue does not present a safety issue or performance advantage the driver can be allowed to participate in the scheduled event that day, forfeiting any awards/cash payout.
6.1       At the Race Director/Track Owner’s discretion, he or she may tech any kart including, but not limited to motor, fuel, safety, rules compliance, etc. as they see fit.
6.2       All Competitor* Protests must be submitted to the Race Director in writing within 15 minutes of completion of the heat race or prior to the beginning of the Feature race that is being protested.  (If RD not readily available please see the Grid Steward and/or Score Judge to assist you.)
6.2.1    The Protestor that is making the protest will fill out an Official Protest Form and pay the appropriate Protest Fee, which must be paid in cash and in full.NOTE: there is a detailed list included in the pdf version which is located on the Forms page, but here are some examples of the types of protests that will be formally accepted:

  • Engine Protest $75.00 {A “Visual Protest” may be requested for specific part for $25.00}
  • Fuel Protest $25.00
  • Tire Protest $10.00
  • Weight $5.00

(Forms can be obtained at the score keeper booth between races or at intermission.)
6.2.2    The Protestor must be a Competitor (if minor then Kart Owner) in the same class. In the case of full motor tear down the person being protested AND the protestor must have finished in the top three of the A Feature.
6.2.2.a The protest will be announced during the final race, once the driver has entered the track, and the race will finish under protest, which will be indicated by the Flagman waiving both the Black Flag and Checkered Flag at the same time on the final lap.
6.2.3    If the driver under protest has a podium finish, they will still be awarded the trophy and pose for pictures. Awards will be returned if protest is upheld and kart is found non-compliant with rules.
6.2.4    In the case of a motor failing tech or the kart/motor owner refuses to be tech’d, the kart and driver will forfeit any and all points and awards for that race event.

  • Please note that refusing tech a second time will result in being suspended permanently from the track.
  • Once something is found that results in motor failing tech, the protest is over.

6.2.5    If the motor in question is in compliance with the KAM Kartway posted rules they will receive 50% of protest fee with the other half paying Technician or being donated to the track Awards Fund.
6.2.6    Due to some circumstances a motor/kart may be impounded until the protest is complete.
6.2.7    Only one team representative from each side will be permitted in the tech area until the protest in complete.
6.3       Motor Claims
6.3.1    The motor must be claimed before the green flag of the feature.  Persons filing a Motor Claim must get a form from one of the score judges and will need to present the form along with full payment (Cash only) to the Race Director and this must be done PRIOR TO THE GREEN FLAG OF THE FEATURE.
6.3.2    Claimer’s and driver being Claimed karts must finish the A-Main in the top.  Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers are subject to Motor Claim.
6.3.3    Claimer must have raced at KAM Kartway a minimum of 2 times before being eligible to claim a motor or be claimed.
6.3.4    Promoter has the option of claiming any motor after the Feature is complete for the claim price.  The Promoter will auction the motor in question at the following KAM Kartway race.

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