KAM Karters Association Certificate of Formation (Copy of Forms) | [Edited 10-28-14]

KAM Karters Association

Below are original copies of the Certificate of Formation and Addendum Certificate that was sent to the Secretary of State on 7-21-14 to form KAM Karters Association, LLC.

KKA Certificate of Formation Nonprofit Corporation for KAM Karters Association

Part 2 Addedum KKA Certificate of Formation Addendum Certificate with additional articles

KKA logo


If you have a Graphics green thumb – want to design a new logo for the club? 



 Edited 10/28/14: The forms were sent back for corrections.  (1) Can’t be an “LLC” and (2) the Association can’t be the registered agent.  See corrected forms re-submitted on 10/28/14 >>  KKA Certificate of Formation[revised 10-28-14].