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Race Results for 9-12-15

Race ResultsRace Results for 9-12-15 3.5 HP 1st Place – Noah Rowland 2nd Place – Meric Winnett 3rd Place – Jacob Ramirez 4th Place – Richard Zimmerman 5th Place – Melia Winnett 6th Place – Michael Sexton DNS – Kaitlyn Vann   Pure Stock 1st Place – Shawn Marquez 2nd Place – Wyatt Richeson 3rd Place […]

Race Results for 8-8-15

Race ResultsRace Results for August 8, 2015 Hot Wheels 3.5 HP Zoe Mininger Ford Vann Trevor Maxwell   Jacob Ramirez Andrew McCutcheon Melia Winnett Noah Rowland Meric Winnett Richard Zimmerman Cooper Miller Michael Sexton DNS Kaitlyn Vann Pure Stock Gold Plate Shawn Marquez Jonathan McCutcheon Nathan Cisco Lucas Ramirez Landon Bellows Gregory Davidson Wyatt Richeson Michael […]

Race Results for the Redneck Nationals 7-11-15

Race ResultsRace recap for 3rd Annual Redneck Nationals We had a great turn out for our Redneck Nationals on July 11, 2015. While Kevin Fry took some time off for a much needed family vacation, Kaley Engstrom filled in as Flagman.  The special contests for “Farmers Tan”, “Dirty Feet” and best dressed Redneck Costume were on […]

Three KAM Rookies pick up 1st Time Career Wins at KAM Kartway on June 6, 2015

Race Results imageWith two Hot Wheels drivers moving up in class to the 3.5 HP Class brought the entry number to a full field of 8, so the class was split for the Heats with 4 drivers running in each group.   These young guns were on fire.  First time 3.5 HP division contender Zoe Mininiger caught everyone’s […]

Race Results from 4-4-15

KAM Kartway's amazing sponsors and supportersKAM’s Season Opener was Egg-cellent The highlight of the night might very well have been the Easter Egg Race or maybe the egg hunt at intermission.  But with all the great racing it could have been any one of the 8 different classes that ran last Saturday night at KAM Kartway with 40 total entries […]

Race Results from 3-28-15: Short Track Shootout

Horn Custom Homes LogoThank you Horn Custom Homes for sponsoring the Shootout!! Find your pictures here from the event from CR Pics. Short Track Shootout race results: 3.5 HP Class 1st Place – Noah Rowland 2nd Place – Meric Winnett 3rd Place – Melia Winnett 4th Place – Kallie Jones 5th Place – Andrew McCutcheon 6th Place – Zoe Miniger […]