2015 Sponsorship Package Giveaway Contest Announced

sponsorship feature img2015 KAM Motorsports Sponsorship Contest ~ Ways To Enter POINTS PER ENTRY: Each Entry below is worth a Point, except for “Extra Entry Points” submissions. These points are accumulated throughout the Giveaway Period.   The more you submit entry points, the better your chances of winning the 2015 KAM Karting Sponsorship Package Prize.  You can enter […]

KAM Karters Association Certificate of Formation (Copy of Forms)

KAM Karters AssociationKAM Karters Association. LLC Below are original copies of the Certificate of Formation and Addendum Certificate that was sent to the Secretary of State on 7-21-14 to form KAM Karters Association, LLC. KKA Certificate of Formation Nonprofit Corporation for KAM Karters Association LLC Part 2 Addedum KKA Certificate of Formation Addendum Certificate with additional articles […]

Interim Board of Directors have been appointed for KAM Karters Association

Most of you know from the last drivers meeting that we are forming a kart club here at KAM and we want to be completely transparent through the entire process and keep you (ultimately the members) informed about the process. KAM Karters Association will be a nonproft club (seeking 501(3)(c) status) with the purpose to […]

QRC Karts Dominate at KAM Kartway

Bridgeport Road Construction Race of Champions June 14th Race Results Custom Powder Coating Hot Wheels – Feature Finish    Start      Car         Driver    Hometown         Points 1              –              13              Jaron Beltram                    –          100.00   2              –              95              Noah Rowland                  –          95.00     3              –              09              Jacob Rameriz                   –          90.00     4              –              88              Andrew […]

BRC Race of Champions Race Results for June 7th

5-31-14_Tyer and PalanzaBridgeport Road Construction Race of Champions 6-7-14 Race Results Custom Powder Coating Hot Wheels – Feature Finish  Start    Car     Driver  Hometown      Points 1          –           13           Jaron Beltram           –       100.00 2          –           09           Jacob Rameriz           –       95.00   3          –           95           Noah Rowland          –       90.00   Splash Haven Pools 3.5 HP – […]

KAM Kartway Race Results for 5-31-14

5-31-14 Race ResultsCustom Powder Coating Hot Wheels – Feature   Finish Car Driver Hometown Points 1 13    Jaron Beltram     – 100.00 2 09    Jacob Rameriz     – 95.00 3 95    Noah Rowland     Boyd, Tx 90.00 4 00M    Mackenzie Marquez     – 85.00 5 88    Andrew Mccutcheon     – 80.00   Splash Haven Pools 3.5 HP […]