The Beginners Guide to Getting Sponsors

Getting team sponsorsIn my 20 years of karting I have learned a thing or two about being as Sponsor and taking care of Sponsors.  I’ve also learned a lot of those lessons the hard way – yep, good old fashioned “live and learn”.  So I wanted to put together a workshop (and future webinars) for my KAM […]

Beginner’s Guide: Kart Numbers for Outlaw Kart Racing

Beginner's GuideChoosing your Outlaw Kart racing number Picking a race number may be as simple as letting your kid chose the first number that pops into their head or the number of your NASCAR idol, or as traditional as running Dad’s old race number from back in the day. Our daughter Kaley’s first number was “6”. […]

Beginner’s Guide: The Initial Investment for Outlaw Dirt Kart Racing

Beginner's GuideSo how much does it cost to get started? Joining the racing community as an entry-level competitor with no previous experience or background in racing takes balls.  Making the initial investment takes commitment.  I’m sure you have already done some Google searches  if you’ve gotten to this point, and you may in fact discovered us […]

Beginner’s Guide: Safety Gear Recommendations For Outlaw Dirt Kart Racing

feature image_safety gearA Beginner’s Guide to Safety Gear   Let’s Break Down List Mandatory Safety Gear List Racing Suits Kart suits should fit well: not too big so that the material bunches up and not too tight which can restrict driver movement.  Bulk is not comfortable but layers add protection.  Ratings to look for: SFI 3.2A/1 These […]

Code of Conduct

KAM Kartway Rules Series | Code of Conduct On line Code Of Conduct Sportsmanlike Conduct is expected from every participant that enters our facility.  The spirit and intent of sportsmanlike racing competition is to proceed on the track without touching or endangering your fellow drivers, on-track race officials, spectators and/or the race vehicle itself. Inadvertent […]