Micro Sprints and Adult Animal/RWYB Classes added to the 2014 Race Schedule

2014 KAM Sponsors

Additions have been made to the 2014 Bridgeport Road Construction Race of Champions Series schedule.  The Schedule page has been updated and you can download a copy of the KAM Points Schedule 2014 to be displayed in a prominent place on your refrigerator here and a copy has been added to the Forms page as […]

Wanted! Sponsors for the Short Track Shootout…..REWARD OFFERED

Sponsors Wanted for Short Track Shootut Flyer

Sponsors for the Short Track Shootout! Reward being offered for this notorious event. BOUNTY ON THE FOLLOWING CLASSES: Hot Wheels • 3.5 HP • Pure Stock • Gold Plate Animal • Stock Animal • Outlaw 125cc, Outlaw 250 & Open Outlaw • Adult Clone & Adult  Animal  • UAS RWYB This is the “Big Show” […]