Short Track Shootout

Drivers wanted    Fill out this online form to per-register (a PayPal payment request will be emailed to you) Remember that kart numbers will be assigned first come first served based on complete registration.  AS ALWAYS, WE APPRECIATE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR RACING WITH US AT KAM. I will manually update the Registered Drivers page […]

Rules for new classes at KAM Kartway: Jr 1, Jr 2 and Jr 3 Outlaw Clone

AKRAKAM Kartway will follow the AKRA Rule book for the new Jr Outlaw Clone classes we’ve added to the Short Track Shootout roster and in the event any of these classes “make” for the 2015 Points Season.  Remember it takes 3 registered karts to “make” a class.  If you are interested in one of these […]

Special thanks to our KAM Fam for coming out for the Work Day!

work day at kam kartwayWe would like to thank everyone who came out last Saturday (Feb 14th) for our Work Day at KAM Kartway.  It’s through the generosity and support of our race community that KAM Kartway is able to be the successful Outlaw Dirt Track that we are.  We have the best drivers in the Texas and the […]

[Follow up] 10 More Personal Branding Tips

brandingHere are the top 10 Personal Branding Tips Found on the Internet Personal branding is becoming one of the most important topics among designers and entrepreneurs. By having a strong and well-known personal brand it is much easier to sell products, win friends and influence people. If you want to start shaping your personal brand […]

Outlaw Dirt Kart Racer Mitchell Mobley Makes National Debut

Mitchell Mobley on the Checkered Flag ShowCheckered Flag Season 4 Edition 6 from The Checkered Flag Show on Vimeo. 10 Year Old Driver from KAM Kartway gives Pro Interview In the first installment of “Way Out West” Series by the Checkered Flag Show, Host Ace Nailir interviewed 10 year old Outlaw Dirt Kart Racer Mitchell Mobley.  Proudly displaying his KAM powered […]

KAM Kartway welcomes JRPW as a New 2015 Marketing Partner

JRPWKAM Kartway is proud to announce a new partnership with Jimmy Rivers Performance Works from Martinez, Ga.  JRPW has come on board for the 2015 Race Season to become the Jr 2 Outlaw Clone Class Sponsor. This will be a new class for KAM Kartway this year.  Special thanks and a shout-out to KAM local […]

A Beginners Guide to Motorsports Marketing >> Building Your Brand

brandingBuilding Your Brand Strategy Before you can start crafting content, designing race graphics, ordering T-Shirts, Hero Cards, a custom race suit or helmet you have to start first by Defining your Brand.  Building a Brand for your Driver early in their career is essential if their long-term career goal is to become a Motorsports Professional […]