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Sponsor Features

Banner Placement – Banner placement indicates the size of the banner.  For example, “160 x 600 Banner Placement” indicates that the banner is 160 pixels wide and 600 pixels high.  You can also click “View Banner” to see exactly which banner size is part of the program.  Keep in mind, however, that browsers sometimes compress the size of the image, so make sure you are seeing the full-size image!

Banner Location – We don’t place every banner on every page, so this shows what sections on the website your banner will be shown.

Social Media Announcements – As we begin working with a new sponsor, we’ll announce it on Facebook and Twitter!  As of this writing, we had approximately 1,000 “followers” that will see your name and a link to your website. Even better, this “Tweet” gets syndicated to Facebook reaching another 700 Race enthusiasts on these networks!  In addition to these tried and true KAM has also started utilizing Instagram and Pinterest.  Metrics have not been compiled for these two, however I can tell you they are growing in followers on a steady basis.

Facebook likes and shares is our gift to you We Tweet for you  Pin This    Filters make dirt look pretty in Instagram

Featured Sponsor – Sponsors of KAM Kartway will get 2 highlighted, custom content Blog/News Article written about their Company, Product or Services.  Other Motorsports blogs charge a minimum $800.00 for this service.

Sponsor Discussion/Forum Board – To enhance your Product or Service our Sponsors get exclusive access to the Member Forum as well as a specific Sponsor Topic in which they have access to administer1.  **Currently the KAM Forum is still under reconstruction but the demand is HEAVY and it is a top priority with a deadline for re-launch by February 1, 2014.  If our old numbers are any indication of what to expect in 2014 then this is a GOLD MINE of an opportunity for our Sponsors as, our subscriber list was 575 active members with an average of 30 on line visitors at any given time.

Free Sponsor Listing – This is a bonus listing on our Sponsor Page as this page is typically reserved for only On-track Sponsors.  Don’t worry – our Track Sponsors are being taken care off!  Our new website format has increased their exposure 150% from our previous design.  {Would like to discuss with us an On-Track Sponsorship plan?}

Sponsorship Discounts Available – We want to develop long-term relationships with our sponsors, so sponsors who select longer-term commitments will definitely receive price breaks!  The discount is also a function of prepaying for the sponsorship. These price discounts are already included in the price quoted.

Sponsor Exclusivity – Within Program – Certain programs provide exclusivity for a sponsor within that particular program, race series or Big Show event during that sponsorship period.  The exclusivity covers the primary offering of the sponsor for that particular sponsorship program.  For example, a local auto dealership that has purchased the 160 x 600 sponsorship program for the appropriate term will receive exclusivity within the 160 x 600 program.  No other auto dealership will be able to become a sponsor in that particular program, race series or Big Show event.  This does not extend to secondary services that the sponsor provides and may not be available for all sponsorship term periods.  Exclusivity is not available for the 150 x 60 sponsorship program.

Sponsor Listing on the Sponsor Page of our special 10 Year Anniversary Souvenir Race Program But you need to hurry to make the print deadline on this.  This program is commemorate KAM Kartway’s 10th year creating Champions and not only have we tremendous interest from our current 500 participants – the past years of KAM Alumni are eagerly anticipating the arrive ~ scheduled for the start of our 2014 Points Season. **Discounted Advertising Rates will be available for Online Sponsors until February 15, 2014.

Price – The price is quoted per month for comparison purposes but will be due in full prior to the start of the sponsorship.  This process allows us to give larger discounts.

Busienss Opportunities
If your company has a slightly larger advertising budget KAM still has Associate and Class Sponsors for 2014 availabe as well as several track signs available.