Mission, Core Values and our Goals

Our Mission
To act and learn to treat others with honor, dignity, and respect for improved sporting alliances and better relationships with family, friends and associates in addition to learning, teaching, and promoting the sport of karting with emphasis on safety, good sportsmanship and fun for the entire family.

Our Core Values
1) Honesty & Integrity ~ We strive to do the right thing while preserving the integrity of the sport.
2) Quality & Accountability ~ We are responsible for our actions.
3) Mutual Respect & Trust ~ We want actions and efforts to be kind in nature and true in fact.
4) Pursuit of Excellence ~ We expect the best from ourselves and our race community.
5) Innovation ~ We find creative, new ways to delight our Racers, Teams, Sponsors and Spectators.
6) Community ~ We value a fostered Christian Fellowship with our Race community.

Our Goals
>Learning to Improve
>Improvement leads to Teaching
>Family Fun supports Safety and Sportsmanship
>Christian Fellowship and building Lifelong Friendships